Originally an iron fort (c.1st-century BC) Alton Towers lies nestled in Staffordshire countryside. Better known as a theme park it holds a long history of paranormal activity focused around the site of the gothic mansion, the ruins of which exist today. The area where the ride ‘Hex’ is situated staff report incidents of poltergeist activity with tools being moved and stones thrown at them by an unseen entity. The ghosts of children dressed in Victorian costume and a tall man and a lady have been seen by visitors and staff alike over the years.

The house was built in 1595 in Greengate Street and over the years has been used as many things including that of a civil war prison. There have been many ghostly sightings especially in the Victorian room on the second floor where a young girl and old lady have been seen. There is always a chilling temperature in this room even though the heating is on.

Shugborough hall is situated four miles from Stafford in Great Haywood and was owned by the Bishops of Lichfield until the dissolution of the monastries and therefter passed through several hands until it was purchased in 1624 by William Anson, a lawyer, of Dunston, Staffordshire. The estate was gifted to the National Trust by the Anson family in 1960. 

Ghosts include Lady Harriet who died in childbirth in the State Bedroom. A former housekeeper  is said to haunt the kitchen.

The castle is first recorded in 1071 and was built as one of the new castles to stamp the authority of the Norman conquerors across the Midlands. It is best known as one of the prisons where Mary Queen of Scots was held and whose ghost has been seen on many occasions in the south tower. A ghostly figure wearing a suit of armour has been seen stepping out in John of Gaunt’s Gateway.

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