You may well be but, please consider that there are many things within our lives that can seem to be paranormal events.

Houses settle within time  and can result in some ghostly noises.

Plumbing, outside weather, rodents ( in ceilings walls and floors) and  car headlights outside  can all  have this kind of  effect.

Our own minds can also play tricks on us. Over active imaginations, tiredness, medication and stress can also seem the cause of paranormal happenings.

Things to remember:

Most spirits are not dangerous. They usually just want people to know they are there. Even new buildings  can have ghosts in because of the land on which it was built, not because of the home itself.

Spirits were once living and will mimic death as they did in life, their emotions and characteristics will theoretically emerge in the afterlife.

Some hauntings are residual and will therefore just play an event over and over like a video tape. This type will not know you are there and can not communicate with you.

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