INVESTIGATIVE EQUIPMENT There are a great number of pieces of equipment that are available to the avid investigator the main items are listed below. if you are considering 'dipping your toe into the waters' all that you need to begin with are notepaper, pen, camera, a torch and spare batteries.A compass is useful because it can be used to act as an EMF meter.

EMF METER Ghosts emit an electromagnetic field and their presence can, therefore be detected by an emf meter. A baseline reading needs to be done prior to an investigation in order to detect any other equipment within the area that would also emit EMFs such as boilers, electrical currents etc. If there is any change in EMF readings during the investigation then it is possible that paranormal activity is taking place.

THERMOMETERS There are various kinds of thermometers that can be used during an investigation measuring both surface temperature or both surface and air temperature. If there is a considerable change in temperature felt then this could potentially indicate paranormal activity.

EVP (electronic voice phenomena) RECORDERS  A recording device used at haunted locations in the hope of catching ghostly voices. The recordings can be fed into sound editing software to amplify them or 'clean' them up.

MOTION SENSORS   Ideally used in an unused room where you may have placed a trigger object. The alarm will be sounded if the sensor beam is broken.

INFRA RED OR NIGHT VISION CAMERAS  A must for recording any activity during a night time investigation. The more areas that can be covered then the better. 

LASER GRID PEN A high powered laser that emits a grid of green dots useful for detecting shadows or general visual disturbances during an investigation. Set it in front of a running camera to catch potential evidence. 

PRESSURE PAD This is a small piece of equipment that resembles a ‘wrestling ring’. It is a great piece of equipment to use for trigger objects. The item is placed within the four pillars. If the item is moved then a siren sounds.

FRANKS BOX/GHOST BOX  This is a piece of equipment that constantly scans radio waves on AM and FM waves causing white noise. It is believed that this is a way of communicating with spirit.
DIGITAL CAMERA When using a camera take at least three pictures in succession of each area, this will help to either clarify or debunk something that may be shown on one of the shots.

THERMAL IMAGING CAMERA  A most wanted piece of equipment for paranormal groups as they are quite expensive. The thermal imaging camera allows you to see hot or cold spots in any location and track temperature fluctuations. 

CONTROL/TRIGGER OBJECTS These can be any every day item such as coins which are placed on a piece of paper, drawn around, witnessed and left in a sealed of area. Upon return if there is evidence that the item has moved then this can be an indication that paranormal activity has occurred.