Friday, 6 January 2012

Staffordshire Paranormal Research Team

Staffordshire holds a long history of hauntings, Alton Towers, and Tutbury Castle, Tamworth Castle and The Ancient High House to name but a few. There have been lots of sightings and eye witness accounts to all kinds of phenomena including black cats, UFOs, ghosts and witches throughout the years and many a tale has been told.

About Us 

We are a diverse group of people based in Stoke on Trent that have a common interest in the paranormal and the unexplained. Our team consist of both skeptics and believers.

The core members have been seriously carrying out paranormal investigations since 2005 . It was in 2008 that we came together and formed Potteries Paranormal Investigations. As our knowledge developed we decided to reform as the Staffordshire Paranormal Research Team and conduct our paranormal investigations using both sensitive and scientific methods. We do work on the basis of trying to find a logical explanation before calling any findings paranormal.

We do not antagonise spirit and under NO circumstances will we use a ouija board.


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